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Be President of Your Own Fan Club!

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One of the things I often tell my clients, students, and readers is “I will be president of YOUR fan club until YOU can take over.” Please note that president of your fan club is my favorite job so I’m not willing to give it up easily but you don’t have to fight me for it either. The only thing you have to do to take my favorite job is be ready and willing to do that job to the best of your ability. When you’re ready, I hand it over without a struggle.

Most people know what a fan club is but not everyone knows why all of us should have one. All of us have things that need improvement, things that are just fine, and things that are absolutely magnificent. That’s the great news.

The not so great news is that the more awesome you are and the more you know it, the more haters you attract. For sake of clarification a hater is a jealous person who tries to bring you down, for no reason other than the fact that you are great. You should be president of your own fan club so you always have a defense against haters, a positive force within you to counteract the negative in them.

Another thing I tell my clients, students, and readers is “confidence & arrogance are not the same and confidence & humility are not opposites.” Arrogance is thinking that you are better than other people or making excuses to mistreat others. In my opinion confidence is being certain of the talents that God has given you. Humility is being humble because those talents are a gift given to you by God. Confidence and humility can and should coexist in everyone.

So far I am president of thousands of fan clubs. The numbers are climbing and I love it but there is only one of me. Don’t forget I am waiting for you to take over!

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