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Last week, I spent two days in Denver Colorado with Dick Bruso, one of the top branding specialists for professional speakers in this country. It was the most life changing experience I have had since deciding to leave a work environment that had become toxic a few years ago.  I went to Colorado expecting to make changes in my brand, focus, target market, and business strategy. Dick’s expertise, skill, and passion for his work enabled me to change all of those things, the effects of which will create exponential growth in my opportunities to speak and in my life coaching case load. That is fantastic and it is exactly why I flew all the way to Colorado feeling completely open and educable, allowing myself to be led and molded by the expert.

I learned so much. Although I am still a speaker, life coach, and author my business has changed immensely. I am bursting to share the details with the world but I can’t until I have all of my “ducks in a row.” Stay tuned. You will hear all about it very soon.  What has come as a complete surprise to me is the way my life has changed. I experienced a total paradigm shift. I accepted Dick ’s heartfelt endorsement. He said “Dr. Lori you have paid your dues and you’ve got the goods. You don’t have to back door your way into anything.”  Dick’s statement revealed an interesting paradox for me. I realized I already knew that what he told me was true; what I did not quite understand was that the people around me who mattered knew it too.


My thought in response to this revelation was “now I understand.”I want to share with you another piece of advice from my friend, brother, and mentor Dick Bruso. “Get rid of the naysayers and surround yourself with cheerleaders.” In other words spend your time with people who build you up instead of people who tear you down.  Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I did not also share a Dr. Lori quote with you.

“Surround yourself with people who are not afraid to introduce you to yourself.” If you’d like to read the story that inspired that quote, you can find it in my book Momma Sayings and Life Reflections.  To purchase this book, you may go to:

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