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I’m Dr. Lori and my goal is to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by teaching you how to master the power of resilience. Resilience will help you improve every aspect of your personal and business life.  As the president of your Fan Club, I’ll help you quickly recognize where your barriers are and how to use resilience to set yourself free.  Would you like to be free to achieve anything you want in your life? I can help you…so let’s get started.


Dr. Lori is an accomplished author, motivational speaker, counselor and trainer. She has more than 30 years of experience in clinical counseling and training.  As part of the leadership team for Norfolk State University’s Counseling Center, she counseled individuals and groups, supervised graduate interns, worked in career development, substance abuse and prevention, and helped in the development of educational programming.  Her unique area of expertise in resilience training evolved out of her broad experience in life skills development and over 10 years of research on resilience, including her doctoral research on resilience in women leaders.

Today, Dr. Lori develops and presents workshops for local, state, and national organizations.

  • The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa Inc.
  • Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
  • Old Dominion University
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.
  • Norfolk State University Honors College
  • Newsome House Museum and Cultural Center

As a finalist in the “Hot Mommas Project” competition at George Washington University’s School of Entrepreneurship, she was recognized as featured case study author.  Dr. Lori’s book, Momma Sayings and Life Reflections, puts a new twist on Life’s Little Instruction Book. Dr. Lori takes everyday witticisms shared by her family members (and those of others) and combines them in a way that entertains and educates. She uses her expertise as a Counselor, Life Coach, and Trainer to teach very valuable life lessons. Dr. Lori is transparent and courageous in her willingness to share her own experiences as well as those of others. Her witty and genuine style of storytelling will take you from laughter to tears and back again.

Dr. Lori M. Hobson received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Norfolk State University, her Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling from Hunter College in New York, and her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

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    Dr. Lori has been influential in my growth and development into the woman I am today. Through her life coaching I was able to gain a better perspective on why I wasn’t getting the results I desired. She has always lifted me up and encouraged me to soar to higher heights. For that I will be forever thankful. I would recommend her services to anyone. Thanks Dr. Lori!

    Tanishia H.,

    Dr. Lori’s experience with individuals, groups, and college students makes me trust her as a professional who will help me get over the hump when I am stuck. I know that she can help me get to my life goals and accomplishments.

    Jennifer W.,

    Everything I learned in communicating with or observing Dr. Lori has prepared me greatly to deal with life’s stressors and situations in a more positive light. If I hadn’t learned the things I learned from her then I would not have been as prepared for the challenges I encountered after working with her.

    Tia N. ,

    Dr. Lori has been my supervisor, mentor, and close friend for over 10 years. Her wisdom and understanding of the human spirit has not only shaped the way I interact with people but has motivated me to become a Life Coach. She has an anointment on her life that I am not sure she understands and grasps. Even when I don’t speak to her, her impression on my life is evident. I love you Lori! Thank you for your part in my life!

    Renee E.,


    Set Yourself Free – 30 Day Planner

    Walking in your true freedom is often very challenging for most individuals. How do you walk in your freedom? Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Published Author Dr. Lori Hobson reveals the answers in her new book, “Set yourself Free: A 30 day planner for improving your most important life Areas”. This book allows you to accomplish specific things which guides you to begin walking in your freedom:

      • It allows you to celebrate accomplishments rather than simply completing tasks
      • Each day offers inspirations and encouragement
      • Set yourself free, brings the practical and the emotional together in a holistic way


    Just about everybody has a friend or relative that has a favorite expression. Some of them you hear so much you know them by heart.  Lori M. Hobson has taken those expressions and created a down-to-earth collection of wisdom and knowledge. Lori uses her invaluable experience as a counselor, life coach, and trainer to teach life lessons

    Momma Sayings and Life Reflections by Lori M. Hobson has put a dynamic new twist on Life’s Little Instruction book. Lori took everyday witticisms shared by her family members and those of others and combined them in a way that both entertains and educates. In the introduction, she explains how the book grew from her habit of sharing wisdom passed down to her by her mother during counseling sessions with her clients.