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Why I Love Butterflies

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Everyone who knows me knows to look for a butterfly when they see me. It may be in my hair, around my neck, on my wrist, website, business card… anywhere. However, not everyone knows why I love butterflies so much. I love butterflies because they are amazingly beautiful, delicate, yet resilient creatures. They evolve from caterpillars (that look like thick hairy worms) to these awesome winged creatures; and that’s not all. A caterpillar does not simply crawl into a cocoon and sprout wings. It experiences a complete metamorphosis. It sheds and molts and is generally turned to mush, a process called “instar.” My love for butterflies comes from my ability to relate to them. I too have been through an “instar” process. My instar involved betrayals by friends and coworkers, challenges and huge leaps of faith. I had to shed and molt layer after layer of toxic relationships and situations. I emerged as the confident, resilient, and beautiful creature that I am. As a result of my instar my mission in life is to coach as many women as I possibly can through this challenging but rewarding process. It is my dream that, through the women I touch directly, I am able to change the lives of thousands of women in generations to come. Some of you reading this blog are having your own instar experience.

  • Maybe you have begun your transformation and need someone to help you through the tough parts.
  • Perhaps you know that your life will be so much better once you move from caterpillar to butterfly.
  • Getting out of your own way can lead you to the life you want. I can help you with that.

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Don’t forget, when you see me, look for the butterfly.


Hello Everyone!

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Welcome to my community and if you are already a member,  welcome back. I am thrilled to invite you to be a part of my newest web presence. Please return often for new blog posts, events, and products.
You are all very special to me and I can't wait to hear from you.  Remember I'll be president of your fan club until you can take over!
Dr. Lori
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