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You Can Survive Whatever You are Afraid Of

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In my last blog post, "How to Have Unlimited Power" I mentioned two issues I help people deal with over and over no matter who they are or why they come to me. I discussed the first one in the aforementioned blog post. They second issue is the title of this post. You can survive whatever you are afraid of.  So many of us allow fear to prevent us from living an amazing and successful life. Whenever I encounter someone who is hindered by fear, I offer him or her this anecdote. Imagine you are standing in a lighted hallway looking into a dark room. As long as you stand in the light, you cannot see anything in the dark room and your imagination can have it’s way with you. For example, you can imagine there are spiders or rats in the room. You can convince yourself that there is someone with a gun or there are items on the floor that you can trip over and break a bone.  The thing is, you will never know what is in that room or if you can handle it until you step into the room. When you step from a lighted area into an unlighted area you can’t see anything for a very brief moment. Then your eyes adjust and you can see everything. If there is danger you can prepare yourself for it or get away from it. If there are obstacles you can work around them. Of course, it is possible to encounter serious unavoidable challenges. However facing and meeting those challenges makes you stronger, wiser and moves you closer to that amazing, successful life I mentioned before. Most adults have experienced one or more of their greatest fears coming true. Most adults have also survived one or more of their greatest fears coming true.  Sometimes the experience changes your life completely maybe for the better, maybe for the worse.  Nevertheless, it is always possible for that change to lead to something much better. My suggestion is you take fear, strap it on like a backpack and carry it with you into new situations. I recommend this because that fear will never go away on it’s own as long as you stand in that lighted hall waiting for it to leave.