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When Love is Like a Dislocated Shoulder

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I have always likened leaving an unhealthy relationship to dislocating a shoulder. I know this sounds a little strange but hear me out. Let me explain how Leaving a relationship in which you are undervalued is like dislocating a shoulder.

The first thing a doctor does with a dislocated shoulder is pull it into place. This hurts much worse but the shoulder begins to heal immediately. Soon the pain stops. If you don’t pull the shoulder (leave the relationship) you never heal and the pain continues indefinitely.

Most adults know that true love is not the heart pounding, breath holding mixture of lust and insanity that you may feel at the beginning of a relationship. Love can start there but true love evolves into something safe and stable not that does not keep you in constant pain.

Even healthy relationships involve some degree of pain; however the pain should be bearable and it should not be relentless. When a relationship is doing you more harm than good, it could be time to “pull the shoulder.”

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